Our Mission

"Empower our people so they can't imagine not succeeding". It's a bit 'double-negative' but we like it. Success should not be Temporary."

Our Vision

Our vision is to show our commitment to excellence in training and development as the industry leader. Never stop learning is the key.

Our Values

Success should not be Temporary. We always believe in Everything Matters, Everyone Matters and Every Time Matters..


Globe represents JPMP Ventures perfectly.

We loves working on different businesses across the world. Started from the education industry, JPMP Ventures now has hold on almost all major businesses like professional training, travel, media and information technologies.

From the starting our only vision is to make ourself a brand and growth of our business values. We offer services in following sectors:

Dr. Prabhmeet Singh

CEO & Founder

What We Do

What Services we Provide for Our Customers Business

Strong team of professionals from multiple sectors adds values to our company which leads to better planning and growth.

Professional Certifications

Professional Certifications Helping

Legal and Financial

Legal and Financial

Education Consultancy

Education Consulting Over

Media & Publishing

Media & Publishing

Information Technology

Information Technology Working

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